Monday, January 27, 2014

Kala Pola 2014

I always try to make it to the Kala Pola, organised by JKH because its a really good place to appreciate good local art and maybe even pick up a thing or two :D I also like taking pictures of art which really catches my eye, amidst the copies of Senaka Senanayake, George Keyt and the likes. 

Like this one, done by the Junior State Champion. I thought it was adorable if a little macabre! 
But what creativity of the little one!

I'm sure the theme for the middle school children was death as there were two death scenes that won prizes! This was by far the most stiking...probably her/his achchi amma's death. Awwiee...look at the expressions of the family!

I also love modern and this was no exception. It stuck out amidst the usual 'nice to see' art 
and is truly unique.

A beautiful balletina made of nuts and bolts.

Kinda funky I thought!

Another cat! lol!

A large while mural with a very thought provoking, simple drawing I thought...

This was a beauty! The pink just popped out of the canvas and I can really see it being on a large bedroom wall or maybe even a hotel! Wish I had  the money and space to invest in it! :'(

Screen print art, very hip on a simple brick wall?

Beautiful Buddhist art of all shapes and sizes! :)

And finally... the artist's own depiction of himself in Edvard Munch's 'Scream'! 
Kind of what I'm bottling up these days, haha!

Kala Pola is an awesome event I look forward to all year! Till next year peeps! 



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