Thursday, February 13, 2014

Good Times at Dilmah t-Lounge

Time spent at the Dilmah t-Lounge (DTL) is just pure pleasure. No this isn't some sort of paid post (though Good Times would LOVE to get into that! Teehee)... I just really love the place.

Starting off with the little's Valentines weekend apparently and the place was already decked up with little classy touches of rose, red and pink. I anyway love the interior of the place to begin with, and the promotional themes stick to being creative and classy at the same time.

The food! The last time we went, Hubs tried the chocolate crepe which was much better than the Pani Pol crepe I had sometime back. Really crunchy and chocolatey and great.

. . . did I mention that the service rocks? No? Well, the service rocks. I love the ladies who serve the customers and they are so friendly and good to go with anything really. We also got really good, soft, almond sponge cake on the house. Yay!

. . . and my favorite favorite FAVORITE drink at DTL would currently be (I say currently because I used to consume insane amounts of Green Sencha with Lemongrass and Mint till recently) the TKT or the TinKiri Tea. OMG. That's all I can say. O - M - G. It's like frothy heaven in a cup. Sure, you can make perfectly good TKT at home but NOT how Dilmah makes it!! Plus, it comes in the cutest double layer glass...super classy looking and doesn't heat up the glass at all.

and you know the best thing ever?

I managed to convert hub into a TKT fan! Whoohoo... bwahaha....look at the face of appreciation!

DTL is a refreshing change to the many coffee shops popping up everywhere (Gloria Jeans, Cocoon, Hansa, Coffee Bean and the many Baristas)... and I hope they will continue their superb work.

There's a great article on the crisis in the tea industry in this month's Echelon (again, not paid advertising lol!)...which talks about the high costs of maintaining plantations and the dearth of workers. The industry will definitely have to look into innovative ways to keep it going... would be such a waste otherwise. We definitely DO have the best tea ever and it's so great to take a box to friends abroad and see their faces light up... I guess that's what Dilmah does right...bringing a centuries old quality product into the 21st century and making it super hip.


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