About the blog

Good Times: A highly pleasurable or exciting experience.

Good Times is a blog written by  us - three childhood (?)

That's Dee, in the rather becoming red shorts…who loves - all animals except spiders. And homemade cake.

Doodle, a trigger happy stranger, eating her way through the city…

...and Diddle, a lovable little gammiris karala (as we like to call her) who is a travel-ho and foodie all rolled into one.

Living in Colombo, Sri Lanka has been an exciting experience for all three us for over 29 years. We’ve experienced war, peace, political strife, new expressways opening up, boyfriends, girlfriends, ups, downs and most recently- husbands and babies. (yay)

As Dee, Doodle and Diddle, we want to write about the Good Times we experience amidst the negativity and you know, up and downs in Life, in general.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog and leave a comment or whatever. (no pressure)



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