Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ride on!

Our friend who was fixing our new bicycles called and confirmed that we could pick ours one night, about a week ago. Beet suggested we go to his workshop by tuk-tuk and then ride back home - literally from Kotte to Pelawatta. I instantly thought of all the ways we could die/ be maimed, after all, it's Sri Lanka...

For example -

1. Get knocked down by a bus
2. Get waylaid by a stray dog, end up in ditch
3. Fall down a open manhole
4. Fall into a paddy field
5. Fall into open water (It's Pelawatta..hello...)
6. Get something yelled at by Sri Lankan neanderthal, Beet to protect me heriocaly, we die in bloody politically connected gang fight ...


Then again I pushed the thoughts away from my head because one, WE WERE MARRIED DAMMNIT...and two, WE LIVE three, we (I) really didn't need to answer to parents who never really did anything as zany as this at 8 o' clock in the night...and even though all the scenarios (point 1 to 6) could have definitely come true...

you only live once...


Thinking this to myself, we left home in a tuk and wound up at Kotte. The bikes looked awesome so we picked them up and set off back home.

It occurred to me while we pedaled along that you tend to miss so much while being inside a vehicle. Like how one little hill was as daunting as Mount Fuji. How sweat runs down your temples and your glasses fog up (yes, I wore my nerd specs because my vision does a nose dive at night). Then there's that old tuk driver taking a nap inside his his tuk-tuk...women with sili bags full of groceries going home...a coconut seller listening to a radio...a guy in a simple bicycle passing us effortlessly as we struggled. Stray and community dogs of all colours, some tightly curled up and sleeping, some lazily opening an eye as we cycled past.


Of course there's only some small tips to remember while cycling in Sri Lanka -

a. Wear a helmet, gloves and some knee/arm guards if possible (Ebay has some good stuff)
b. Always, always, ALWAYS be aware as cycle tracks are virtually non-existent and traffic is usually indiscipline and horrid
c. Take water (humid) and few tools just in case

I must say this cycling thing is addictive. After that night's jaunt, we cycled on Sunday morning and at night and its only the massive wedgies and crotch/butt hurt that poses as the only setback right now. Then again, I heard you get used to it I'm still waiting for that, yeah.

Till then, keep calm and ride on bitches!!!!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be the change...

You want to see in the world...

My mother was however one of those people who never pushed me to study but instilled in me the right and wrong and Inspired me to do good in the little time we have left in this world!!!

I randomely found this amazing song... not a big fan! however this song, made me cry! Inspired to do more!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Tour through (and to) galle?

Out of love for just taking pictures I recently enrolled my self in the course offered by the Photography association of Sri Lanka.
The first field trip, yielded the images below. I’m just a small amateur photographer… I don’t think I can’t even call my self that… maybe an armature photo catcher… Yes that’s more like it!!!
So 45 of us not including the PSSL representatives got in a AC bus at 5.15am and started towards galle, via galle road, 
somewhere on panadura bridge
somewhere off kalutara bridge
  On what I would do to be that dog...
Richmond Castle - Kalutara - Quite a story behind it found here          

        we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of fish being brought ashore.
 the images below are from the galle fort...
 Did you know that these (beach) boys jump off along side the walkway from the lighthouse for Rs.2000!!! CRAZYYYYY!!!
The oldest living man in the fort!! Uncle ishmail looking in to a distance....

The day was quite adventurous... 

p.s - These picture are mine!!! so Please ask before you take them!!! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We're Rising because...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paan Paan's Dark Rye

I made my first visit to Paan Paan the other day. A little late, I know. Paan Paan is a small place with lots of attitude, and awesome customer service (seriously, how many people greet a customer genuinely these days...) and smells delicious the moment you step in.

Their sliced brown bread is awesome and so is the loaf. I bought their Dark Rye Bread (Rs. 350) to try and DARK and RYE it was!! :/

It had the consistency of a chocolate cake gone wrong (Like, "Honey I forgot the baking powder" kind of wrong) and frankly tasted a little shitty. I gave half away to Mom (gah! regretting now)...and took the rest home to have it in the night.

But let me say, it is absolutely BRILLIANT toasted. Just slice it, TOAST it and slather some butter while hot. (Diet, fail) Mustard paste, Marmite and butter tasted better.

On another note, Beet had also brought some pork sausages from a Pusellawa Farm Shop, and even though it looked like something out of Ankh-Morpork, it so well seasoned, so meaty (doesn't feel processed, just meaty-meat O.o) and SO good.

I think so... :D

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A bowl of Yum

Recipe for a bowl of Yum 

Italian tortellini stuffed with prosciutto
Seasoned chicken from Pussellawa Farm shop
Local mozzarella cheese

Boil tortellini for 15min or so, drain. Devil the bejesus out of the chicken. Serve together in a bowl. Top with grated mozzarella mixed with herbs.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Stories by elders

I don't get to spend a lot of time with my grandpa. We commute between our parent's homes each weekend and he's quite the busy man, doing his little charity work and other things which makes us miss each other often. I like to therefore take him out for coffee and a little rasthiyaaduwa to see the new developments in Colombo - which is often met with awe and then the sharing of awesome little stories on how things used to be.

Yesterday I took Seeya and Amma to the Racecourse -

Gramps took a good walk all over while Mom and I hung around waiting for him. Unfortunately Rn'R was closed for maintenance and I must say the dude handling their hotline is quite courteous - unlike much of the 'hotlines' in and around Colombo, specially on a holiday.

Sitting on the steps of the Racecourse, Granps nattered away about his father - a well respected government servant (when government servants were well respected) who worked first in the Nuwara Eliya kachcheriya, then in Colombo. Apparently he was quite the horse-better (is that what they call them? gambling sounds a!) and loved going to the races both in NE and Colombo. Rather cool I thought. Seeya even remembered how his father had books upon books on races, horses, winnings, trends etc. He said the entrance we were hanging out at (near McDonalds) was the "Ghandi" entrance where VVIPs, VIPS used to sit and watch the races in a rather dignified style. While the betting went on raucously in the other stand, presently being reconstructed by the Army.

The racecourse ground apparently went up to Buller's Road, which is quite a bit of land I must say. I'm sure there's tons of history attached to many of the places in Colombo, but there's nothing quite like getting it from the older generation who lived through it. And all it takes is a little time off and some effort to reconnect with them.