Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Tour through (and to) galle?

Out of love for just taking pictures I recently enrolled my self in the course offered by the Photography association of Sri Lanka.
The first field trip, yielded the images below. I’m just a small amateur photographer… I don’t think I can’t even call my self that… maybe an armature photo catcher… Yes that’s more like it!!!
So 45 of us not including the PSSL representatives got in a AC bus at 5.15am and started towards galle, via galle road, 
somewhere on panadura bridge
somewhere off kalutara bridge
  On what I would do to be that dog...
Richmond Castle - Kalutara - Quite a story behind it found here          

        we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of fish being brought ashore.
 the images below are from the galle fort...
 Did you know that these (beach) boys jump off along side the walkway from the lighthouse for Rs.2000!!! CRAZYYYYY!!!
The oldest living man in the fort!! Uncle ishmail looking in to a distance....

The day was quite adventurous... 

p.s - These picture are mine!!! so Please ask before you take them!!! :)


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