Thursday, February 7, 2013

Paan Paan's Dark Rye

I made my first visit to Paan Paan the other day. A little late, I know. Paan Paan is a small place with lots of attitude, and awesome customer service (seriously, how many people greet a customer genuinely these days...) and smells delicious the moment you step in.

Their sliced brown bread is awesome and so is the loaf. I bought their Dark Rye Bread (Rs. 350) to try and DARK and RYE it was!! :/

It had the consistency of a chocolate cake gone wrong (Like, "Honey I forgot the baking powder" kind of wrong) and frankly tasted a little shitty. I gave half away to Mom (gah! regretting now)...and took the rest home to have it in the night.

But let me say, it is absolutely BRILLIANT toasted. Just slice it, TOAST it and slather some butter while hot. (Diet, fail) Mustard paste, Marmite and butter tasted better.

On another note, Beet had also brought some pork sausages from a Pusellawa Farm Shop, and even though it looked like something out of Ankh-Morpork, it so well seasoned, so meaty (doesn't feel processed, just meaty-meat O.o) and SO good.

I think so... :D


Jack Point said...

Hmmm I'w always liked brown bread but I do know that it tends to taste even better when toasted.

cj said...

well good to see you back... paan paan is one of the hidden wonders in Colombo they have a devilled tuna fish bun which is really good and spicy. Unlike other malu pan it also has fish which is good.

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