Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Stuff you always wanted to ask a pregnant woman...

1. What's morning sickness like?

I have no idea. Never had it. I think MS depends on person to person and I was one of the lucky ones to never have it. I was instead nauseous for the whole first-trimester. The smell of Thai or Chinese food made me want to hurl. Hubby used to force-feed me so I would eat. The moment the 3rd month was done - I was fine!

2. Did you know you were pregnant? Without doing the tests and stuff?

Hmm... once I thought I felt a fluttering in my tummy, but I couldn't really say. It look a week of a missed period for me to want make sure and get the proper tests done :)

3. What do baby kicks feel like?

Sometimes like a fish swimming from one end to another... sometimes like a slight nudge from the inside-out. Sometimes small movements or ticks (these could be hiccups, I can't say). It's quite magical sometimes and sort of personal because its only between you and baby. :) Sometimes I wish I could share the feeling with Hubs but I guess he makes do with just keeping his hands on my tummy and feeling her move.

4. Are pineapples actually bad for you?

I really get sick of the many food based opinions people have. So far I've been told not to eat seafood, papaya (?), pineapple etc. But reading new resources like What to Expect when You're Expecting and credible online sources- yes, there are pretty obvious things you shouldn't eat - like raw fish/ sushi, raw papaya, tons of chillie paste (that's just stoopid), unpasteurised milk or soft cheeses - but my stance was EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. Also, there is no such thing as eating for two, apparently you need only a few extra 400 calories to a normal diet anyway. Oh and pineapples? It could apparently only create pre-term labour if you eat like 3-8 whole ones... who would do that anyway? :/

5. Do you get tired?

I was SUPER tired during the first trimester. 2nd trimester was the best! No issues at all. Third trimester, I get tired if I work a lot during the day (physically - like cleaning or walking a lot or the heat) and need to lie down a bit and maybe sleep early. Sleep is beautiful.

6. Any discomfort?

Only in the third trimester when I'm trying to get out of bed. I honestly feel like I've got a small sized bowling ball strapped to my tummy, lol. Oh and the peeing - yep, at least three times a night.
Other discomforts would be clothes I guess, when even the looser jeans feel snug under the tummy. T-shirts never make it past the belly button. Its easy to resort to fugly kurthis and stretch pants - but don't. Just don't.

Oh! And BURPING. Embrace it. It's gonna happen. Almost all the time. Especially when you're just about to get hungry and post-meals also. Burp burp burp burp burp.

7. Any weird side effects?

I've started drinking flavoured tea- definitely a weird side-effect. No weird food cravings as such except during the 3rd trimester.. again, I think it depends on each person. My most recent cravings were chocolate biscuit pudding, bredhure (SO off-season) and spare ribs. (This could also be my usual greedyness...I can't say!)

8. What are the most awkward questions people have asked you?

Did you plan to have the baby? (No - totally an act of passion. Yes - I'm super planned and have a control of my reproductive system) I do you even answer that? :/ ( was the latter)

You're really big for 7 months aren't you? (BITCH, people carry differently. Some are small, some are big - deal with it, ignoramus)

Should you be eating that? (Yes. I should be. Who are you, my mother?)

All the above questions in the middle of lots of people... totally awkward (not everyone wants to constantly talk about babies/ pregnancy - including meee :D)

9. Do you wish it was a boy?

Well, once you know the gender, I guess you sort of get used to the idea that you're going to have a daughter and that excites you. If it was a boy, I guess I'd be a little apprehensive but excited non the less. I think your mind settles when you finally get to know the gender and then you start planning. (Say no to pink!)

10. How is it overall?

I would say a wonderful experience! :) Nothing like the movies.... very personal and sweet.

I guess that's about it for now. "Stuff you always wanted to ask about delivery" - coming up!

Monday, January 26, 2015

The BIG move!

So after considering a move for almost 2 years the hubster and I decided to do a "long term 5 year plan"which is why I, was a tad quiet.



Big step!


missing home. The hubster (because the "move" was broken in to two) he may take some time to make his move. this all depends on finding work etc.



new ones!

living life like a gypsy!

living out of a bag!

getting fat!

not getting to cook all that much....

new experiences!

new place!

just new things altogether!

oh well!!! you gotta do what you gotta do!

What I've realized so far, though I miss/dislike some of the above, moving/living/long term plan isn't too bad!

well, as I said the job hunt just started so I need to get on with it; from what I've seen, everyone is dare I say equal. One job may actually be sufficient for a family to survive (IF you don't really want savings... ;) )

Need to buck up and give it a go! (Open box. Take feelings. Put in box. CLOSE BOX. HIDE BOX. Put a do not open sticker on the box)

In other news my room is quiet. Way too quiet. I could actually hear my tummy grumble. 


the good thing for my bestie here is she gets a selfie of me everyday!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hooked on a Veggie Feeling

After two glorious days at Cinnamon Habarana with my in-laws, we are BACK with a vengeance to lose the extra pounds (yet again). Of course going to a hotel on full board means some amazing food and variety that you just can't say NO to (like blue cheese!) - and Cinnamon is by far NO exception. The continental food was tops and so was the Sri Lankan food. Habarana itself had a beautiful weather, a lot of rain and everything was so green, fresh and lush. Loved it.

So being back and not really in a mood to eat meat (since I binged on so much at the hotel) - I just pottered around and made this...

I used a whole-wheat Prima flat bread (available at Keels/ Cargills), slathered some french onion cheese spread (from USA but you get versions here.. mad expensive though) and topped it up with a salad of cucumbers, red cabbage, tomatoes and a dash of Italian salad dressing (not creamy, just olive oil, herbs, vinegar). In hindsight, onions and a little balsamic vinegar would have been an added yum - but what the hey.

I've been thinking of ways to "sexy"-up vegetables... it seems that chicken has been a staple for us and you tend to eat so much of it in many forms - like fresh chicken/ meatballs/ sausages/ kieves etc. So I've been trying to stop the Hub's liking for it. I personally think its the most unhealthy meat (if you must eat meat) anyone can have - only because broiler chicken is just so unnatural and full of hormones and things. Oh check out my internet-learned Pothola-dhaal curry I made for tomorrow's lunch.

Anyway, its a quiet Sunday evening with Hub at an office seminar. Snack done - off to do some work!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kaema Sutra (Everybody calm the F down)

So Jacqueline Fernandez (I'm a fan) has opened a new restaurant Kaema Sutra at the Independence Square arcade with the overseeing of Dharshan Munidasa of the Nihonbashi and Ministry of Crab fame. When I initially heard of it, the name stuck and I thought, hmm pretty clever and cute actually. I was also pretty excited about a restaurant which claimed to serve high-end Sri Lankan food. If you really look at it, Colombo (I'm only taking Colombo here) has a few good restaurant serving local food, namely Green Cabin (Great hoppers, very small curry dishes), Akasa Kade and Raja Bojun which serve an OK but extensive buffet. Better places would be Ape Gama (authentic villagey experience, pricey but great food as always- thanks Cinnamon!) and perhaps Semondu (I love!), which serves up Asian Fusion cuisine with a lot of local ingredients. I also found HVN (Casa Colombo) to have interesting dishes using local fare for a very decent price.

So where does Kaema Sutra fit in? Perhaps its a place I would take my business partner from abroad, or a very good friend, whome I'd like to have a taste of Sri Lankan food with an interesting experience thrown in. This is why I don't get the negative hype people are stirring up about the place.

Firstly, my MIL was tut-tutting the name (Kaema means food in Sinhala, its a play on Kama Sutra, the ancient sexy book) saying "Kaema Sutra... wena namak aththema nadda? Hamuduruwanta liyumak liwwoth mona wei da danne na"... I actually have no idea which 'hamuduruwo' she was talking about but I really wanted to let her know that HEY, you know what...I've been the temples in NEPAL (Where Lumbini, Buddha's birthplace is BTW) where there are ancient and intricate carvings of the Kama Sutra all around it. (HERE) So really, the Sutra has been around for centuries in this region and its really nothing to be too ashamed or all OMG about right? -.- In fact, I applaud our ancestors from India who wrote about the great and fun ways of doing it. Clap clap clap. Thank you for that.

Plus, again... I have no idea why Sri Lankans are so frigid about sex man. I mean, its not like babies are born by thinking about them, and its the FIRST things people ask about AFTER the wedding so SUCK IT. (No pun intended.)

And then, I get an email listing out the prices of the hoppers (apparently Rs. 200 each?) and thambili (Rs. 200) and a few derogatory sentences saying "Oh, so THIS is Jacky's new "place" where rich people eat Rs. 200 hoppers and feel good about themselves)... You know, maybe this is why Sri Lanka will probably take decades to reach the level of economic success as Singapore. Its the blatant NEGATIVITY. Yeah, so maybe Rs. 200 is a little pricey for a rice flour based dish that you can find for 1% of the cost a a smaller kadei by the side of the road. But then again, you ARE paying for overheads/ labour cost (is that a kadei man you see behind the kitchen? No.) and ambiance. And you really don't need to step into the place if you don't think you can afford it right?(For example, I still haven't gone to Ministry of Crab but I'm hoping to! I suppose its like an aspiration, and I don't really want to put down the place saying Oh, the ever so rich Mahela and Sanga are serving roast paan and crabs for prices that are sky high. Instead, why can't we just appreciate the hard work the two have done (on the field and off) and be happy that our little city has a few good restaurants which have even been ranked in the Miele Guide (giving this dumb country better hype than what our politicians ever create in the long run)?

I also think Jacky has worked her @ss off in the Bollywood industry (NOT an easy shell to crack)...she's a household name in India and its an honour that she should invest her hard-earned money in creating a restaurant that serves local delicacies to those who can afford it. We should be happy. Anyway that's what I think. Haters gonna hate Jackie, but seriously... I know this is the last thing people in this country should be worried about [lack of water in the dry zone/ BBS & ethnic tension/ Malaka in politics (say what)] but really, such negativity. People should seriously calm the fuck down and chill the fuck out.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I love REAL hugs

Aside from the ones given to family and good friends, real hugs are pretty hard to find. You have the peck on the cheek while holding the shoulders kind of hug, the check to check kiss-half hug, then the half-hearted hug, then the worst one, the awkward hug.

I recently met a musician friend of Hubs at La Fiesta and after a bit of nattering we said Good Night and he leaned in for a goodbye hug. He then wrapped his arms around me and hugged me with a delicious warm kind of hug that lingered on for a few moments and then let go. NO, this isn’t a Casanova kind of guy or a great looker (lol) and Hubs was just next to me. I also want to add that I hardly know him and only as Hub’s friend…and he stepped back smiling and left me a nice-warm-hug-afterglow-awww feeling. Then his brother I didn’t know very well at all waved at me and said Good Night and I did the same. Then he did an awwww-shucks shrug and suddenly hugged me too. Both boys are so skinny with the longest arms and wry-crooked smiles but the hugs! Oh my Lord, took me by such surprise! So so warm…maybe it runs in the family or something.

I mentioned this to Hubs who nodded in agreement. Its then that I decided to give proper hugs to people I meet. I know I might come across as a little weird and  I wouldn’t do it with office people…but in general, friends… people I haven’t met in a long time…children…pets…I’m going to hug them properly and disseminate the ‘warm’ kind of lingering hugs. It really makes the world a better place.



Thursday, February 13, 2014

eurgh! Valentines day!

Just like christmas, new year, mothers day, fathers day and now Valentines day!! Life has become so commercial!!!


No one will know. I think its because no one has time to really say how much they love one another!

Valentines day doesn't really need to be about your "lover" it is everyone and everything around you!!!

Why can't we just love! unconditionally! unrestrained! uncontrollably! EVERYDAY!


END of soppya** post!


Happy weekend! xox

Good Times at Dilmah t-Lounge

Time spent at the Dilmah t-Lounge (DTL) is just pure pleasure. No this isn't some sort of paid post (though Good Times would LOVE to get into that! Teehee)... I just really love the place.

Starting off with the little's Valentines weekend apparently and the place was already decked up with little classy touches of rose, red and pink. I anyway love the interior of the place to begin with, and the promotional themes stick to being creative and classy at the same time.

The food! The last time we went, Hubs tried the chocolate crepe which was much better than the Pani Pol crepe I had sometime back. Really crunchy and chocolatey and great.

. . . did I mention that the service rocks? No? Well, the service rocks. I love the ladies who serve the customers and they are so friendly and good to go with anything really. We also got really good, soft, almond sponge cake on the house. Yay!

. . . and my favorite favorite FAVORITE drink at DTL would currently be (I say currently because I used to consume insane amounts of Green Sencha with Lemongrass and Mint till recently) the TKT or the TinKiri Tea. OMG. That's all I can say. O - M - G. It's like frothy heaven in a cup. Sure, you can make perfectly good TKT at home but NOT how Dilmah makes it!! Plus, it comes in the cutest double layer glass...super classy looking and doesn't heat up the glass at all.

and you know the best thing ever?

I managed to convert hub into a TKT fan! Whoohoo... bwahaha....look at the face of appreciation!

DTL is a refreshing change to the many coffee shops popping up everywhere (Gloria Jeans, Cocoon, Hansa, Coffee Bean and the many Baristas)... and I hope they will continue their superb work.

There's a great article on the crisis in the tea industry in this month's Echelon (again, not paid advertising lol!)...which talks about the high costs of maintaining plantations and the dearth of workers. The industry will definitely have to look into innovative ways to keep it going... would be such a waste otherwise. We definitely DO have the best tea ever and it's so great to take a box to friends abroad and see their faces light up... I guess that's what Dilmah does right...bringing a centuries old quality product into the 21st century and making it super hip.