Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fashion that doesn't bleed!

Been a very very long time since I wrote something on the blog... :) 

But moving and being busy doesn't really help. So becoming vegetarian (again) wasn't really something I saw my self being capable of doing, because come on Australia has so much of wine, and with wine comes cheese and cold cuts.. 

But once I put my mind to it, it was easy as it could get. However today's post isn't about vegetarianism or veganism... its about Fashion.

A few months ago, I put my head to buying my self a Prada bag (yes vain) but a girl needs a dream... I found the bag, found the price and was on my way to collecting/saving to purchase this beautiful bag for my self... I came across this peta video about fur and leather, which made me sit and cry my heart out. I never condoned fur - WHY in the WORLD WOULD SOMEONE WEAR FUR? WHY?? WHY?? and I always made it a point never to purchase leather goods... side note however I love shoes, and always bought them, never thought twice about the material until one day I was preaching to a friend about how all the big companies such as louise vuitton, prada, louboutin uses leather till she pointed out to me to check if my shoes said leather upper, which infact it did... this broke my heart.. I still have a few products which obviously is leather which I cannot throw away for sentimental reasons. However I will NEVER purchase anything leahter going forward. THAT was my promise.

After much research high and low and stalking instagram  I've found some designers if one wants to pamper your self guilt free and cruelty free. (these are only a few, you can find plenty online)  I, my self carry a bag made out of cloth :) gives me a lot of pleasure... 

These are a few fashion designers in case anyone is interested.

Stella McCartney

Freedom of Animals


Matt and Nat

Labante London


Viva  Creatures

Remember,  PU stands for Polyurethane is a tad more eco-friendly than PVC. Bonded Leather and Genuine Suede

actually does contain animal products. If you see the terms FauxPleatherSuedette or Leatherette  you are good to go!!!

Will be on the look out for some Lankan designers.. But I do know for sure Lonali from House of Lonali  definitely is someone who looks for ethical ways of producing a garment... 

Peace xox



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