Monday, January 26, 2015

The BIG move!

So after considering a move for almost 2 years the hubster and I decided to do a "long term 5 year plan"which is why I, was a tad quiet.



Big step!


missing home. The hubster (because the "move" was broken in to two) he may take some time to make his move. this all depends on finding work etc.



new ones!

living life like a gypsy!

living out of a bag!

getting fat!

not getting to cook all that much....

new experiences!

new place!

just new things altogether!

oh well!!! you gotta do what you gotta do!

What I've realized so far, though I miss/dislike some of the above, moving/living/long term plan isn't too bad!

well, as I said the job hunt just started so I need to get on with it; from what I've seen, everyone is dare I say equal. One job may actually be sufficient for a family to survive (IF you don't really want savings... ;) )

Need to buck up and give it a go! (Open box. Take feelings. Put in box. CLOSE BOX. HIDE BOX. Put a do not open sticker on the box)

In other news my room is quiet. Way too quiet. I could actually hear my tummy grumble. 


the good thing for my bestie here is she gets a selfie of me everyday!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm all about boxes. Hoozahs.

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