Monday, April 7, 2014

I love REAL hugs

Aside from the ones given to family and good friends, real hugs are pretty hard to find. You have the peck on the cheek while holding the shoulders kind of hug, the check to check kiss-half hug, then the half-hearted hug, then the worst one, the awkward hug.

I recently met a musician friend of Hubs at La Fiesta and after a bit of nattering we said Good Night and he leaned in for a goodbye hug. He then wrapped his arms around me and hugged me with a delicious warm kind of hug that lingered on for a few moments and then let go. NO, this isn’t a Casanova kind of guy or a great looker (lol) and Hubs was just next to me. I also want to add that I hardly know him and only as Hub’s friend…and he stepped back smiling and left me a nice-warm-hug-afterglow-awww feeling. Then his brother I didn’t know very well at all waved at me and said Good Night and I did the same. Then he did an awwww-shucks shrug and suddenly hugged me too. Both boys are so skinny with the longest arms and wry-crooked smiles but the hugs! Oh my Lord, took me by such surprise! So so warm…maybe it runs in the family or something.

I mentioned this to Hubs who nodded in agreement. Its then that I decided to give proper hugs to people I meet. I know I might come across as a little weird and  I wouldn’t do it with office people…but in general, friends… people I haven’t met in a long time…children…pets…I’m going to hug them properly and disseminate the ‘warm’ kind of lingering hugs. It really makes the world a better place.




Doodle said...

Yes it does!!! :D

Jack Point said...


I'll expect a proper one the next time we meet.

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