Thursday, November 21, 2013

Light up a life!!!

I received a mail today from a friend about "LIGHT UP A LIFE" this Christmas - Kiddies party organised by the Rotary Club . I dutifully forwarded the mail to my colleagues and something my colleague said brought a tear to my eye.... and I quote "OK I know how my sons Face light up when we take him places or get him even a 50 Rupee plastic Turtle so YES!!!" 
so if you'd like to help out please read the mail I received...  I directly called Chris (who generated this mail) so you could do that too :)

Help out!! Its Christmas after all!!! :))
Hi Guys,
I’m writing to you with my usual Christmas time request for help with the annual Kiddies party organised by the Rotary Club of Colombo Regency of which I’m a part of...
With Christmas around the corner and our lives getting busier than ever with wonderful events to celebrate with our loved ones, we could easily forget the ones who are less fortunate than us.
We, at  RCCR  would like to give a little bit of Christmas magic to other children who are less fortunate than our own children. In order to do that, this year we have decided to support a great event organised by the Rotary Club: a Christmas party themed “Light up a Life” to shine the light of love on 250 underprivileged, differently abled, special needs and orphaned children between the ages of 5 – 15.
The sponsorship value of the ticket is a mere Rs200 which will light up a child’s life at Christmas. This will ensure that one child is sponsored, and if you choose to, you too are welcome to attend the event.
Please help as you can to make this great event a success.

These children are from the following child development centres: Prithipura Infants Home (Wattala), Anandapura Home (Negombo), Asokapura Home (Kotagala) and the Sri Senerath Gunawardhana Development Centre for Elders & Boys.
Your support will enable them not only to buy the children gifts and meet other project related expenses such as food and drink, transport, and cost of activities, it will also enable them to look into the needs of the homes they come from.  Accordingly, surplus donations which are not absorbed by the event itself will be used to purchase the operational supplies and resources required by the children’s homes.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Also hope to see you at the Kiddies Park at Havelock Town from 2:30 pm onwards on the 29th of November. That is next FRIDAY . Bring your kids and family as well and be part of Rotary in Action
>>> Happiness
The link above has pics and details of our last kiddies party for which most of you helped us.. :)

Best regards,
Christopher Stephen
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