Thursday, May 2, 2013

The "Girl-School" Glass Ceiling

I just experienced the Girl-School Glass ceiling!

My GM just approved a sponsorship for an Old Boy's Rugby Dinner and joked about when I asked if I can get  one for the Visakha Walk in June.


It's no secret that the corporate world is dominated by professionals mainly from Colombo schools. I'm not generalizing here but it is true. This helps them with their networking and there's nothing like helping each other out when sponsorships are required or when the school needs funds.  Let's face it, the main boy school's in Colombo are overflowing with dough!!

On the other hand, past pupils from Girl's schools find it a tad harder.... after all, women generally have to handle motherhood, home and then prioritize work - AND breaking the glass ceiling in general is a b****.


I always had this plan in my head of teaching after motherhood. After all, who wants to leave home at 6am and go home at 6pm to only find a sleeping child? Quality time was always a priority for me. But as I progress and live, breath and eat the corporate life, I'm seriously re-thinking leaving the workplace and saying goodbye to a career. I'd hate to be cut off.

I really wonder how the 3 female GM's in our workplace cope. 2 are unmarried while the other has older kids and is so motherly to all of us.

Unfortunately, none of them are Visakhians. Damn it.


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