Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Fish...


I went trotting down to Galle Naval base tagging the hubby along, groggy since it was early Sunday morning at 6.15, with the hopes of at least catching a glimpse of the big fish of the ocean.,I was pre-warned that it was sometimes elusive. so we set off on a 5 hour journey.

Thank heavens I used a little bit of common sense and took a pill to keep nausea at bay. As it was not easy trying to dodge your way from vomit-attack(s) from kids and mommies alike after guzzling down a "light breakfast" that the navy was good enough to provide the passengers with.

However it was all worth the bobbing up and down  as we came head on across an entire school of dolphins... AMEH-ZZING!!!

A lot more bobbing later the captain announced we were 27km's away from the shore, which was fine by me. 2000m depth however got my head screaming "HOLY CRAP I CAN'T SWIM!!!" rocking too and fro we waited with keep enthusiasm in the hot sun for it to come out... and from far away a spray of water caught everyone's attention. The whales have come to say hello.... I was almost in tears....

Got me thinking...The whale is truly endangered however the ant is doing just fine... we need to do something about that!!! starting with maybe getting out of their ocean, and changing the shipping line traffic to start with!!! As quite a few whales have died getting entangled on the ships propellers!!! 

 How to see the whales, you can either 
call  - 0777323050 
mail -
or check the website -

its 3500 per person (local) and $100 for a foreigner national

some would say that this isn't the best way to see the as it gets scared for the noise of the engine of the big ship/liner/cruise that the navy uses but I wouldn't agree. as the trawler boats looked quite scary as it looked like it would topple. 

But try it out!!! amazing AMAZING AAAMZING thing, the memories of which will last you for the rest of your life!!! (Keep your fingers crossed)


Offthebeatentrack said...

The navy boat is by far the worst operator to go whale watching with. Engines are too big and noisy and they often chase whales and dolphins. In fact some friends of mine who went recently saw this. Terribly environmentally irresponsible promoting whale watching through them. Speak to any of the scientists working on this population they will point you to operators like Mirissa Water Sports vs. the Navy.

Dee said...

Is that so? :( Hmm...well can't they stop it? As in, get the navy to use more environmentally friendly methods?

Doodle said...

Really! had no idea... but I thought it was safer than the mirissa boats... I didn't see any negative reviews regarding it (environmentally or otherwise) would have found a different method then!

Offthebeatentrack said...

Who will stop the navy? Looking around the powers that be don't seem to fussed about the environment. The issues with the navy boat are poorly documented mostly because the researchers who work on the populations have to get navy approval so they can't speak up. There is the blindingly obvious issue also of ethics, where a government funded and subsidized business is undercutting operators like Mirissa Water Sports who are a post tsunami CBO aimed at giving locals employment.

Doodle said...

I feel quite terrible now... :/

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