Wednesday, March 27, 2013

GAD! damn it!!!

So boobs (thats the husband) not that he has any (now, because he's getting all ripped and all)  but I affectionately refer to him as boobs (for old times sake) :P and I decided to travel down under to see my grandmother... who knew it'll be such a TOUGH TASK!!!



I'm actually going insane. we've put all the documents now it looks like a migration application. so keeping all my 20 fingers and toes crossed hoping we don't get rejected!!!

Here's hoping!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random clicks

Been pretty lazy to write so will share some pictures from here and yonder...

I thought this tuk-tuk's 'metre-cosy' was rather funny. I wonder if I could make some money making and selling these on Etsy or something...

...aaand featuring...Beet's favourite shop in the whole wide world. Turkey, Chicken, Sausages, Pork - you name get it here in it's freshest form. Not even the rain could stop him on the day I took this picture...

We were at O pub recently on a weekday and MAN, did they get it their cuttlefish wrong. I normally don't leave behind seafood at any cost (sacrilege!) but these plastic, unseasoned, horrible morsels of cuttlefish-shame were so bad I took it out of my mouth and left it on the plate. Beet reckons that they probably change the chefs during weekday/end nights..but still...isn't the sign of a good restaurant CONSISTENCY?! Gah.

Hey the new go kart track in Bandaragama is rather rad. Very professional and the cars are super fast and the track long and tricky. Costs Rs. 1000 per race  but fully worth it methinks...

Late wedding gifts! So awesome :') Specially when people give us alcohol related things, like this shaker! Beet loved it as he's fondly known among our circles as the 'mixologist' - his Mojitos are simply to die for. That's my office mate 'Met', demonstrating for you. He loves listening to jazz on rainy days, is an Apple fanboy, a foodie and SINGLE LAYDEEEZ! (ahem. shameless, I know)

Thought I was rather lucky to get this shot from our office van. I see this homeless man and his dog almost everyday unless it's rainy. I wonder where they go to when it does though. Reminds you what's important in this world I guess...and that love comes in all forms...